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Photo by MacroPolis Appeals over past pension cuts sow confusion about potential fiscal impact of backpay

Two recent decisions by first instance courts in Thessaloniki and Athens that awarded pensioners backpay for income lost due to the pension cuts in 2012 has put the spotlight back on a decision by the Council of State (CoS) in 2015 that deemed the pension cuts which were legislated in two instances in 2012 as unconstitutional.

Lenders focus on closing any fiscal gap for 2019 ahead of November 19 Eurogroup

Monday’s Eurogroup did not provide any definitive answers regarding the negotiations between Greece and the institution over the 2019 budget but the indications are that Athens will be allowed to scrap next year’s pension cuts if it can re-assure the lenders that the 3.5 percent of GDP primary surplus will not be put at risk.

Results 21 to 30 out of 2877.