Greek Politics

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Photo by EU Council Eurozone Eurogroup leaves Greece in limbo, with liquidity drying up

Monday’s Eurogroup produced a lukewarm statement on the state of Greece’s negotiations with its lenders that Athens hopes will be enough to avert any decision from the European Central Bank that would further restrict liquidity to local lenders but which is unlikely to suffice for Frankfurt to lift the T-Bill cap for the Greek state and banks.

Photo by ECB via Flickr Greece hopes to catch break from ECB as IMF puts its foot down

The Greek government is due to launch a new effort on Tuesday to overcome its liquidity problems as talks with its lenders still look far from being concluded and have been complicated by the International Monetary Fund reportedly stressing the need for debt relief from the official sector.

Photo by MacroPolis Lack of time, lenders' demands back Greek gov't into corner

Brussels Group talks are due to resume on Thursday, with a beefed up Greek team consisting of 18 officials from a range of ministries taking part in the negotiations and reports suggesting that Athens is now willing to back down from some of its “red lines.”

Results 1081 to 1090 out of 1374.