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EC sets out improvements Athens should make to primary residence proposal

Among the areas of concern highlighted in the European Commission’s second post-programme surveillance report are the household insolvency law and debtor protection schemes, which are examined in the context of the overall financial system stability and the ongoing efforts to reduce the stock of Non-Performing Exposures (NPEs) from the systemic banks.

Photo by Stuart Chalmers via Flickr EU officials suggest frantic days ahead for Athens until March 11 Eurogroup

Comments made to Reuters by European officials regarding the possibility of eurozone finance ministers delaying a decision to disburse up to 750 million euros to Greece on March 11 have raised concerns in Athens, where the Finance Ministry is waiting for a response from Brussels to its proposal for a new scheme to protect primary residences from foreclosure.

Banks and government inching towards new framework to protect primary homes

Talks between banks and the Greek government on the primary residence protection framework are due to continue this week, with the latter being left under no illusions by its European lenders that it will have to move quickly on this and a number of other issues over the next few weeks if the March 11 Eurogroup is to give the green light for further debt relief measures.

Results 21 to 30 out of 452.