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Lenders focus on closing any fiscal gap for 2019 ahead of November 19 Eurogroup

Monday’s Eurogroup did not provide any definitive answers regarding the negotiations between Greece and the institution over the 2019 budget but the indications are that Athens will be allowed to scrap next year’s pension cuts if it can re-assure the lenders that the 3.5 percent of GDP primary surplus will not be put at risk.

Photo by EU Council via Flickr Athens aims for November agreement with lenders on pension cuts

It appears that Greece and its European lenders will attempt to settle the pension cuts issue at a special Eurogroup meeting that is due to take place on November 19 with the primary aim of preparing eurozone reform measures for the European Council to discuss in December.

Athens to send draft budget to Brussels after talks with IMF on pensions

The Greek government is expected to submit to the European Commission a version of its 2019 budget that is along the lines of the draft plan submitted to Greek Parliament on October 1, which includes a scenario in which the 1 percent of GDP in pension cuts agreed with the institutions are applied and one in which they are not.

Finance Ministry Athens prepares 2019 draft budget amid pension cuts dilemma

The Greek government is set to take the next step in its efforts to call off next year’s pension cuts, when it submits the draft 2019 budget but finds itself in a delicate balancing act between domestic political pressures and the creditors’ concerns.

Results 21 to 30 out of 428.