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New Greek statistical mapping application launched

Where in Greece are there proportionately more women than men? Which areas have the youngest populations? Which parts of the country have the most third-level graduates? Where are non-Greek populations concentrated?

More than a fifth of Greeks materially deprived, survey finds

Almost half of poor households in Greece were unable to afford a meal with meat, chicken or fish (or vegetarian equivalent) every second day and 63 percent of them were in payment arrears with utility bills in 2013, according to data on material deprivation published recently by the country’s statistical authority (ELSTAT).

Photo by Harry van Versendaal Income inequality in Greece remained high in 2013

The share of the income of the wealthiest fifth in Greek society was 6.6 times higher than that of the poorest fifth in 2013, data published this week by the Hellenic Statistical Authority shows.

Photo by Harry van Versendaal High levels of dissatisfaction among Greeks, Eurostat report shows

Greek people are among the most dissatisfied people in Europe regarding a range of aspects of life, from personal relationships, commuting times, their jobs and, not surprisingly, their financial situation, a new report from Eurostat on well-being has found.

Photo by MacroPolis Income inequality in Greece has grown during crisis, OECD report shows

Income inequality between the richest and poorest in Greece society has increased over the past few years, with the top tenth of society earning 12.3 times more than the poorest in 2012, up from 10.5 in 2007, a report from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has found.

Results 161 to 170 out of 242.