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  • Settling rising private debt? The IMF has some ideas


    The settlement of Greece’s unpaid private debt, estimated at 160 billion euros or 88 percent of GDP, has recently emerged as an important issue in the discussions between the Greek government with the troika.

  • Greek gg debt down by 1 pp in Q1 2014, still at 174.1 pct of GDP


    Greece’s general government debt slipped by 3.9 billion euros quarter on quarter to 314.8 billion euros, or 174.1 percent of GDP, at the end of Q1 2014 from 318.7 billion, or 175.1 percent, at the end of 2013, according to Eurostat data published on Tuesday.

  • Greece sizes up task of restructuring corporate debt


    The Bank of Greece (BoG) released on Friday the findings of a recent workshop in which representatives from the Finance Ministry, the EU, banks, corporates, international experts and consulting firms participated, generating a clear idea of what kind of debt restructuring would be needed for Greek corporates.

  • Photo by MacroPolis Greece lays out plans for debt relief from eurozone


    Greece is due to raise the subject of further debt relief at Monday’s Eurogroup but with the official sector poised to take a hit this time as opposed to the Private Sector Involvement (PSI) of early 2012.

  • Photo by MacroPolis EC sticks with 0.6 pct growth for Greece in 2014 but also sees C/A deficit


    In its winter economic forecasts released on Tuesday, the European Commission (EC) notes that recent data support expectations that Greece should return to growth in 2014. Confidence indicators continue to improve, whilst hard data releases suggest the first signs of recovery.

  • OECD's Greek debt forecast shakes foundations of troika DSA


    The secretary general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Angel Gurria, handed Antonis Samaras the Paris-based body’s Economic Survey for Greece on Wednesday. It contains staggering projections with regard to the country’s debt and gives the Greek prime minister and his cabinet much to think about.

Results 301 to 309 out of 309.