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  • Eurogroup agrees on significant debt relief measures for Greece


    After lengthy discussions in Luxembourg on Thursday, the Eurogroup arrived at a decision on significant debt relief for Greece that ticks many of the boxes the government had been hoping for but which will still leave Athens with a significant exposure to the International Monetary Fund.

  • Fourth review nears conclusion, clearing path for debt relief agreement


    Greek ministers and representatives of the institutions held a teleconference on Monday to discuss the state of play in the fourth review as all sides attempt to clear the decks so a comprehensive agreement, including debt relief, can be reached at Thursday’s Eurogroup.

  • Photo by MacroPolis Eurosystem funding falls by 716 mln in May


    ​Greek banks’ Eurosystem funding fell by 716 million euros in May, the Bank of Greece's (BoG) monthly financial statement has revealed.

  • Photos by Dennis Skley via Flickr https://flic.kr/p/qcppmH Deposits stay positive with 870.1 mln inflow in April


    Net deposit movement in the Greek banking system remained positive and showed inflows of 870.1 million in April compared to inflows of 1.14 billion in March, Bank of Greece (BoG) figures revealed on Tuesday.

  • Photo by Panayotis Tzamaros/Fosphotos Banks focus on defining challenge of reducing NPEs


    Having breathed a sigh of relief following the conclusion of the stress test exercise, which did not indicate any need for raising significant additional capital, Greek banks can now continue without any distractions to tackle the major challenge of de-risking their balance sheets by reducing the number of non-performing exposures (NPEs).

Results 41 to 50 out of 173.