In ancient Athens, the agora was where citizens gathered to hear news, discuss and, later, trade. The agora was the heart of the city’s political, cultural and spiritual life. It is this spirit we hope to channel in this section of the website. Here, the Agora is a public forum for discussing events unfolding in Greece and beyond.

In May 2020, we also launched a podcast called The Agora, delivering insight from our own experts and analysis from special guests. If you enjoy intelligent, lively discussion and want the bigger picture, join us for a stroll through the Agora. Our show is hosted on Acast, but you can also listen to us here:


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Photo by MacroPolis Greece's EU journey: Solidarity hard to come by, but two-way approach also lacking

This year Greece will celebrate its 40th anniversary as a member of one of the strongest clubs in the world, the European Union. Greece’s European journey has been quite bumpy and brought the country to the edge of an exit from the Union. Learning the hard way, Greece may have secured its position in the Union, but it still cannot find a way to have a strong role in substantially helping or showing solidarity to aspiring EU member states.

Contributor: Alexandra Voudouri

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Photo by Somewhere in the middle: Kosovo's delicate relations with the European Union

The EU’s internal political developments, led to its inability to implement a consistent and cohesive policy towards Kosovo, which has been demonstrated in the case of the visa liberalization. Currently Kosovo is the only country in the region which is yet to submit the application for membership and is considered only a potential candidate for membership by the EU.

Contributor: Butrint Berisha

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Greece - On the importance of productivity growth

In early January, Macropolis published a blog from our hand that discussed the importance of demographics for the future of Greece and the Greek economy. Demographics are important for the overall size of the economy. More people tends to translate into bigger economies, and this can influence the scope for sustainable fiscal deficits and public debt.

Contributor: Bob Traa & Jens Bastian

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Results 16 to 20 out of 99.