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    Turkey climbs up agenda as snap election expectations grow

    Politics Greek Politics

    Although there were no signs on Wednesday of Greece and Turkey being at loggerheads at the NATO summit in Madrid, concern among voters about relations between Athens and Ankara appears to have shot up since last month, according to a new opinion poll.

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    Deposit rise of 1.3 bln in May led by corporates as household savings drop

    Economy Macroeconomy

    The net private sector deposit movement in the Greek banking system in May stayed positive at 1.31 billion euros, from 1.35 billion euros in April, and negative movement of 989 million seen in March, based on Bank of Greece (BoG) figures released on Wednesday.

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    Where is Odysseus? Part 4 - Unemployment and Employment


    As in the previous three monthly blogs, we continue to trace the progress of modern-day Odysseus, who started a long voyage in 2018 to help bring Greece back home to a sustainable and prosperous economy. He is seeking to navigate a high debt ratio of 185 percent of GDP towards a debt ratio of 60 percent of GDP.