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Cookie Policy – Website / Newsletter

1. Cookies are small files, i.e. software, containing information that a website (in particular, the web server) stores in a user's computer so that every time the user logs on to the website the website recovers the information and provides the user with the relevant services.

2. MacroPolis IKE (hereinafter “the Company”) uses persistent or/and session cookies via its operating system (Toolip).
Moreover, the Company uses third party cookies via the operating system (Google, Google Analytics, Twitter and ShareThis).
Persistent cookies remain installed on the user’s / visitor’s terminal so each time he / she visits / uses the Website he / she is provided with the services of (hereinafter “the Service”). For more information of the Service provided please refer to Subscription Terms and Conditions
Session cookies exist in temporary memory only while the subscriber uses the Service and are normally deleted when the visitor / user leaves the Website.

3. In the case of, the cookies are used for user identification, session identification and retaining scrolling of previous page. The Company will process the collected data by automated means in order to provide the Services to the subscribers, namely for purely technical reasons and for services enhancement reasons and not for any marketing or communication reason or other reasons whatsoever. The information collected from the subscriber with installed cookies which will then be used for technical purposes and service enhancement purposes will be an automated collection of words from the content which has become generally accessible to the subscriber. The person of the side of the Company responsible for the installation of cookies and the collection of information through them is Nicholas Malkoutzis.

4. Especially with regard to the third party cookies you can be informed on the Twitter cookie policy here, on the Google cookie policy here, on the Google Analytics cookie Policy here and on the ShareThis cookie policy here.  

5. The installation and use of persistent or session cookies via its operating system by the Company is absolutely necessary for the provision of the Service the user applies for when he/ she visits / uses the Website.

6. By accepting these terms, the user expressly declares that he has read and fully understood the specific terms and conditions relating to the installation, operation and purpose of cookies and that he / she provides specific, express and free consent to the installation of cookies, the collection of personal data by means of these cookies and the use of cookies by the company in order to make the provision of the services feasible and for technical purposes and services enhancement purposes only.

7. The user shall have the right at any time to withdraw the above consent and / or deactivate the relevant regulations for the installation of cookies in which case his / her account should not be deactivated solely because of that.  The subscriber or user can withdraw his/her consent in the same manner in which he provided it.

8. The subscriber should not disable all Toolip cookies in order to be able to login to the Website. In particular, the cookie that must be always activated in order to be able to login to the Website is the JSESSIONID cookie. All other Toolip cookies can be disabled without creating a lack of functionality for the subscriber. Third party cookies can be disabled without creating functionality problems.

9.  In case of use of the Website and the Service by minors, under the age of 15, the consent in relation to the installation and operation of the cookies should be given by those exercising parental responsibility of the minor.