The Greek Justice System Explained

Greece is in the process of reforming its justice system. The recent changes in the code of civil procedure aim to simplify and speed up the judicial process but there are still many shortcomings in the court system that need to be addressed, such as a lack of IT support and the specialisation of judges.

A well-functioning judicial system is perceived by companies and investors as a factor which reduces risk and makes investing in Greece a more attractive prospect. This MacroPolis Insight report examines what changes have been made and where the Greek justice system’s key problems still lie.

It is a succinct and vital guide for investors and anyone who wants to take a closer look at the country’s institutional challenges.

Greece beyond the second review: Challenges and opportunities

The conclusion of the second programme review marked the start of a new chapter for Greece, ending a period of uncertainty and providing some clarity for the short- to medium-term.

This report sets the scene for the post-review period, outlining the current state of affairs and highlighting the challenges and opportunities ahead. It is an invaluable guide to the dynamics likely to shape future developments, for anyone interested in investment in Greece.

Updates on:
- latest economic developments
- political landscape
- global factors
- status of the programme

Focus on key sectors:
- banking and NPL market
- energy
- logistics
- tourism