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Photo by Harry van Versendaal What are Greek coalition's plans for privatisation programme?

One the first and most important issues brought to the forefront by the new government was that of privatisations. Several misters’ statements had a negative impact on the fragile investor sentiment and contributed to the nosedive in the Greek stock market by 14.1 percent during the first week after elections.

Parliament's budget office warns government to move quickly

In its latest quarterly report published on Friday, the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) urged the new Greek government to move fast in order to reverse the negative climate created by snap elections and the failure of the previous administration to reach an agreement with the troika.

Greek credit contracts by 3.1 pct in December

The rate of contraction in Greek bank credit slightly accelerated to 3.1 percent in December from 3 percent in November, according to the Bank of Greece (BoG). However, this was the second lowest negative reading since November 2011.

Results 4551 to 4560 out of 5065.