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Greek central government debt rises to 322.4 bln in Q2

Greece’s central government debt rose by almost 2 billion euros to 322.4 billion in Q2 2014 from 320.42 billion in the preceding quarter, according to the Finance Ministry debt bulletin published on Monday.

Photo by MacroPolis How Greek banks' capital needs could be reduced by 2.3 bln

Citing Ministry of Finance (MoF) sources, local media are reporting that the government is preparing a draft bill which will provide the legal framework for the conversion of Greek banks’ Deferred Tax Asset (DTA) into tax credit.

Greek cash deficit to July narrows 78.3 pct to 1.72 bln

Greece’s central government net balance on a cash basis showed the deficit narrowing by 78.3 percent to 1.72 billion euros in the 7-month period from 7.93 billion last year, according to the Bank of Greece (BoG).

Results 4601 to 4610 out of 4899.