Greek Politics

Results 2241 to 2250 out of 2331.

Photo by MacroPolis What kind of poll win does SYRIZA need to eye snap elections?

There will be a number of results to look out for in Greece’s elections on Sunday: Will SYRIZA win any of the key cities or regions? Will independents reign over party nominees? Will New Democracy prevail in the regional vote? But the result that will dominate proceedings will be who wins the European Parliament elections and by how much.

Photo by Myrto Papadopoulos [] Local elections in Greece a precursor of European vote

The first round of Greece’s local elections on Sunday serves as a pre-cursor to the European Parliament polls a week later, when much clearer conclusions will be drawn about the country’s short-term political future.

Photo by Myrto Papadopoulos [] PASOK stakes coalition survival on voters’ fear of uncertainty

With no traction in opinion polls and concern growing within the party about how to handle the post-May 25 fallout, PASOK has gambled on Greeks’ uncertainty about the future by warning that a poor European Parliament election result for the centre-left Olive Tree alliance could bring down the government.

Results 2241 to 2250 out of 2331.