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Fraud probe at Hellenic Postbank a sign of bigger things to come?

One of the common complaints in Greece during recent years has been that Greeks who pocketed money illegally during pre-crisis years, especially those with political connections, have not been brought to book now that the damaging effects of this corruption have been revealed to all.

Photo courtesy of http://gr2014.eu/ Greece takes on EU presidency and some significant challenges with it

A series of events in Athens on Wednesday marked Greece officially taking its turn at the helm of the European Union, a task that is certain to prove a challenge alongside the government’s other domestic and international challenges, which include trying to steer the Greek economy towards recovery and continuing negotiations with the troika.

Photo by Harry van Versendaal DIMAR faces struggle to survive in 2014, a year of elections

The New Year has at least two elections in store (local and European) for Greece, while the possibility of a third ballot (national) cannot be ruled out. In these circumstances, the role of Greece’s smaller parties – the ones that could act as future coalition partners – is crucial.

Most popular politics articles of 2013

Here are our three most popular articles from the politics section in 2013. For those who have already read them, a big thank you from the Macropolis team. For those reading them for the first time, we hope it gives you an idea of what we do.

Photo by Harry van Versendaal Coalition wins crucial votes but at a price as SYRIZA leads polls

Greece’s fragile coalition survived two tense votes in Parliament on Saturday to close out a particularly challenging year but did so in the knowledge that the respite it can enjouy will be brief. A year that is likely to be even tougher lies ahead.

Photo by Myrto Papadopoulos [www.myrtopapadopoulos.com] PASOK and DIMAR head for do-or-die moment

With just over five months to go until European Parliament and local elections are held in Greece, the country’s centre left is in a state of confusion and the future of its main players, PASOK and Democratic Left (DIMAR), is unclear.

SYRIZA's left wing sticks to belief Greece should leave euro

The challenge SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras faces in balancing his effort to prepare his party for power while taming or satisfying its more radical elements has been emphasised again after the group’s left wing rekindled the debate about Greece leaving the euro.

Results 1971 to 1980 out of 2023.