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Photo by Valerie Everett https://flic.kr/p/tBJPg Fragility of summit pledge for border status quo already evident

Although the Greek government emerged relatively pleased from the European Council that ended on Friday, by Monday it was already clear that Greece will be living on the edge until the EU and Turkey sit down to discuss the refugee crisis at a special summit on March 6.

Stress and strain for gov't from farmers protests, police appointments

The government is playing the long game with regard to the farmers’ protests against its tax and pension reforms in the hope that differences between the various groups as well as the need to return to the land will lead to the demonstrations fizzling out but this does not mean the coalition is not feeling the toll.

Photo by Myrto Papadopoulos [www.myrtopapadopoulos.com] Sensing opportunity, Golden Dawn rears its head again

Two Golden Dawn MPs were ousted from a parliamentary committee on Wednesday after verbally abusing Defence Minister Panos Kammenos, highlighting the growing confidence that the Neo-Nazi party’s MPs seem to be feeling.

Results 2061 to 2070 out of 2594.