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Resignation of PM's aide poses grave questions for coalition, institutions

The government, and Prime Minister Antonis Samaras personally, were dealt a severe blow on Wednesday when cabinet secretary Takis Baltakos was forced to resign after a video of him discussing details of the judicial probe into Golden Dawn with the Neo-Nazi party's spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris was posted on the Internet.

Photo by MacroPolis Omnibus bill passes but leaves marks on coalition and SYRIZA

Greece’s coalition succeeded in passing on Sunday an omnibus bill of reforms demanded by the troika so Athens could receive further bailout funding but the process may have inflicted lasting damage on the government and the main opposition.

Photo by MacroPolis Is the Greek coalition about to cry over fresh milk?

Just a few days after the Greek coalition basked in the satisfaction of wrapping up seven-month negotiations with the troika, a minor aspect of that agreement is threatening to undermine the government’s already strained cohesion.

Photo from http://topotami.gr/ To Potami's rise and Golden Dawn's strife shake things up for May vote

Just as it looked as if May’s European Parliament elections would be an antagonistic but relatively sterile battle between New Democracy and SYRIZA, with Golden Dawn a shoe-in for third place, journalist Stavros Theodorakis is threatening to upset this apparent balance.

Photo by MacroPolis Another party arrives on Greece's increasingly diffuse political scene

Journalist and TV presenter Stavros Theodorakis officially launched a new party on Tuesday. Rather than for its content, his muddled presentation was more notable because it heralded the arrival of yet another grouping on what has become a rather crowded Greek political scene.

Results 2321 to 2330 out of 2397.