Results 2421 to 2430 out of 2646.

Photo by MacroPolis Three things to watch out for in today's Greek elections

A victory for SYRIZA in the general elections looks certain according to opinion polls but there are three factors to look out for on Sunday that will prove decisive in shaping Greek politics over the next few weeks and months.

Photo by MacroPolis Top SYRIZA officials hint at path to compromise with eurozone

As opinion polls show support for SYRIZA growing and the leftists edging towards a parliamentary majority, so the comments coming from the party’s leading officials have shifted towards a more conciliatory approach towards Greece’s lenders.

Photo by Myrto Papadopoulos [www.myrtopapadopoulos.com] Golden Dawn: Forgotten but not gone

With its leader and half of its parliamentary group in jail, it is no surprise that Golden Dawn has been largely absent from this brief election race but this should not be taken as a sign that the Neo-Nazis will perform poorly on Sunday.

Photo by MacroPolis SYRIZA's own goals one of main threats to party's poll lead

Going into the final stretch of the election campaign, opinion polls indicate that SYRIZA’s victory – although not necessarily an outright parliamentary majority - is assured, barring any dramatic developments next week.

Results 2421 to 2430 out of 2646.