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End of troika in Greece would create new challenges for coalition

While reports that the troika may be disbanded in favour of a more European Union Task Force-style body that will monitor Greek reforms in the years to come is likely to be received well by the coalition, such a development would not be without its own challenges.

Photo by MacroPolis SYRIZA drawing up manifesto and foraging for allies

SYRIZA will attempt to answer its critics in the next few weeks by drawing up a manifesto that aims to respond to the persistent doubts about whether the opposition party has the answers to Greece’s problems.

Photo by Harry van Versendaal Return of coastal bill may give SYRIZA new chance to build support

After failing in its bid to force Parliament to vote on whether to hold a referendum on the part-privatisation of the Public Power Corporation (PPC) earlier this month, SYRIZA now intends to confront the coalition over legislation aiming to make it easier to develop Greece’s coastline.

Photo by MacroPolis DIMAR imploding and leaving gap in Greek center left

Democratic Left (DIMAR), once the junior partner in a three-party governing coalition, is in danger of complete collapse after losing two more MPs, who took parting shots at its leader Fotis Kouvelis, on Thursday.

Results 2471 to 2480 out of 2591.