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Mitsotakis turns to 2015 contrast again as MEPs give PM bumpy ride

Although Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis returned to what has become a favourite subject for him recently – comparing today’s Greece to the state the country was in when it held the referendum in 2015 – his speech to the European Parliament on Tuesday did not pass off as smoothly as he would have hoped.

Photo by Panayotis Tzamaros/Fosphotos Judges' Novartis decision revives political battle over bribery scandal

The Novartis scandal, which had been bubbling beneath the surface for the last few years, resurfaced at the end of last week after a judicial investigation into claims that members of the previous SYRIZA-led government, prosecutors and journalists conspired to implicate several former New Democracy and PASOK ministers reached a dead-end.

Image: NATO Turkey climbs up agenda as snap election expectations grow

Although there were no signs on Wednesday of Greece and Turkey being at loggerheads at the NATO summit in Madrid, concern among voters about relations between Athens and Ankara appears to have shot up since last month, according to a new opinion poll.

SYRIZA reproaches PM and ministers over wealth declarations, loans

The annual publication of politicians’ derivation of wealth forms (known as pothen esches in Greek) has sparked a reaction from main opposition party SYRIZA, which is attempting to portray Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his ministers as members of a privileged elite who have little connection with the average voter.

Results 31 to 40 out of 2260.