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European Commission review of Greek programme: The key points

The European Commission (EC) published on April 25 its fourth review on Greece’s Economic Adjustment Programme. This was the first report since July 2013 and follows the agreement reached between the troika and the Greek government in mid March after six months of negotiations.

Eurogroup clears next bailout tranches for Greece, sets new goals

As expected, the informal Eurogroup held in Athens on Tuesday approved the next European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) instalment of 8.3 billion euros subject to the full implementation of prior actions and agreed milestones. The approval comes after the Greek Parliament narrowly approved the multi-bill on Sunday evening.

Greece and troika agree 2013 primary surplus will be just 500 mln - here's why

Just as the Finance Ministry in Athens announced on Wednesday a final budget execution to August that blew away primary surplus targets by a margin of 5.36 billion, which is the equivalent of 2.9 percent of Greece's expected GDP, reports suggested that Yannis Stournaras agreed with the troika that the full year primary surplus would be in the region of 400 to 500 million, which is no more than 0.27 percent of GDP.

Results 511 to 516 out of 516.