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  • Tsipras begins effort to avoid SYRIZA division over deal with creditors

    PoliticsGreek Politics

    Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras began on Wednesday his effort to quell any unrest within his party after Friday’s Eurogroup agreement and the reform proposals agreed by lenders on Tuesday signalled a retreat from many of SYRIZA’s pre-election pledges.

  • Photo by Harry van Versendaal What are Greek coalition's plans for privatisation programme?


    One the first and most important issues brought to the forefront by the new government was that of privatisations. Several misters’ statements had a negative impact on the fragile investor sentiment and contributed to the nosedive in the Greek stock market by 14.1 percent during the first week after elections.

  • Photo by Harry van Versendaal Return of coastal bill may give SYRIZA new chance to build support

    PoliticsGreek Politics

    After failing in its bid to force Parliament to vote on whether to hold a referendum on the part-privatisation of the Public Power Corporation (PPC) earlier this month, SYRIZA now intends to confront the coalition over legislation aiming to make it easier to develop Greece’s coastline.

  • Photo by MacroPolis Bid to form alliance for PPC referendum tests SYRIZA's political mettle

    PoliticsGreek Politics

    Although the government is coming under pressure due to its attempts to sell part of Greece's electricity monopoly, the Public Power Corporation (PPC), the confrontation over the privatisation may end up being a sterner test of SYRIZA's mettle than the coalition's.

  • Greek coalition overcomes concerns about "small PPC"

    PoliticsGreek Politics

    Greece’s new cabinet seems to have emerged unscathed from the first test of its cohesion, which was brought about by disquiet concerning the privatisation of 30 percent of the state-run Public Power Corporation (PPC) in the form of a smaller spin-off.

Results 51 to 58 out of 58.