• Photo by Panayotis Tzamaros/Fosphotos

    Political turbulence due to name deal creates election doubts

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    As the dust settles from an intense week for Greek political parties due to the Macedonia name deal, the fallout and whether this will reshape the landscape ahead of the next elections remains to be seen.

  • Fourth review nears conclusion, clearing path for debt relief agreement

    Economy Programme

    Greek ministers and representatives of the institutions held a teleconference on Monday to discuss the state of play in the fourth review as all sides attempt to clear the decks so a comprehensive agreement, including debt relief, can be reached at Thursday’s Eurogroup.

  • Quasi-statesmanship and political gymnastics


    It’s been quite a few days for Alexis Tsipras. The Greek Prime Minister has been deemed worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize by commentators outside of Greece, while domestic critics have accused him of being a traitor. In reality, both claims are excessive, but truth is not a currency that many people like to deal in when it comes to the Macedonia name issue.