Monday, 5 October 2015
Photo by MacroPolis


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  • Neither necessary, nor good


    Having let cracks appear in his leftist credentials in January by deciding to work with the Independent Greeks (ANEL), a party that has espoused populist, nationalist, racist and conspiracy-theorist views, Alexis Tsipras has taken a sledgehammer to the hopes of those who thought he might seek a more progressive alliance this time.
  • Tsipras is at his strongest, but for how long?

    Photo by MacroPolis 21/09/2015

    Working out how Alexis Tsipras went from anti-austerity crusader to comfortably winning an election while promising to implement the third bailout, and in the process turning a resounding “No” in the July referendum to a humiliating “Yes” a week later, is something that political scientists will study for years to come.
  • Why did Tsipras win again?


    The initial results from Greece’s second general election this year, and its fifth since October 2009, suggest that the prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, has a level of political durability that few could have predicted – and that a large section of Greek society is willing to be incredibly patient with him.