Thursday, 30 October 2014
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  • ECB results light up path for Greek coalition's bailout exit plan

    Photo by Harry van Versendaal 27/10/2014

    After a series of knock-backs in recent weeks, the coalition received its first boost for some time on Sunday when the European Central Bank’s stress tests revealed that Greeks lenders could need as little as 18 million euros in new capital.
  • SYRIZA's weak foreign, defence policy credentials a vulnerability


    With all the focus falling on its economic policies, little attention has been paid to where SYRIZA stands on defence and foreign policy. With Greece potentially just a few months away from early elections and a change of government, there are few questions being asked about the leftist party’s ability to handle such sensitive policy areas.
  • In survival bid, coalition seeks to ease taxpayer burden, secure early bailout exit

    Photo by MacroPolis 23/10/2014

    The government submitted legislation to Parliament on Thursday that aims to tie up several loose ends before the troika’s returns but also to live up to the pledge Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and Deputy Premier Evangelos Venizelos have made to lighten the burden on Greek taxpayers.
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  • How Samaras backed himself and Greece into a corner over bailout exit

    Photo by MacroPolis 24/10/2014

    The line coming out of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s office at the end of May was that New Democracy did not lose the European Parliament elections despite receiving almost 4 percentage points less than SYRIZA. Together with PASOK, Samaras’s party had a bigger share of the vote than the opposition. The argument emanating from the government camp was that if the leftists couldn’t score a decisive victory at the tail end of the Greek depression, they would never achieve one.
  • Optimism and obstacles in Spain

    Photo by Ed Schipul via Flickr 22/10/2014

    Amid a worrying situation in the eurozone, with a stalled economic recovery and extremely low inflation, it seems that Spain is one of the few bright spots, or there is at least some optimism after four years of cuts and adjustments.
  • Greek banks may soon breathe sigh of relief on capital needs

    Photo by MacroPolis 20/10/2014

    Greek banks are always at the forefront of domestic market developments. Despite the strong rebound of 6.4 percent on Friday, their shares still recorded cumulative losses of 7.8 percent last week and 23.9 percent over the past three months. Concerns about the outcome of the upcoming comprehensive assessment European Central Bank are one of the key factors weighing on investors’ minds.