Saturday, 31 January 2015
Photo by Harry van Versendaal


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  • Third of Greek households trapped in debt and poverty, study suggests

    Photo by Harry van Versendaal 14/01/2015

    Over a third of Greek homes are mired in poverty and debt, largely due to disposable incomes nose-diving below the poverty line and the pilling up of household bills, a survey from a country’s largest small- and medium business association has found.
  • Greeks most pessimistic about EU's prospects

    Photo by MacroPolis 22/12/2014

    Greeks are the most pessimistic among their European Union counterparts about the future of the 28-member bloc, view it mainly in a negative light and most don’t see themselves as European citizens, according to the results of a biannual survey from the European Commission.
  • Six in 10 Greeks earn less than average salary of €1,022 in private sector


    He or she is aged between 30 and 44, works full-time in a business run by a sole proprietor and grosses less than the average salary in the private sector. These are the general characteristics of a typical employee in Greece in 2014, according to figures presented by the Labour Ministry this week.
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  • SYRIZA's only chance


    “We want people on the streets, we want you to protest,” SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras told the crowd at his last campaign speech in Athens on Thursday. He and his party envision that popular will can be the rising tide to lift SYRIZA in its battle with the troika and struggle to tame domestic opponents. The thinking goes that if the people are visibly on SYRIZA’s side its bargaining position will be impregnable.
  • Why Greece’s ‘also ran’ parties are crucial

    Photo by MacroPolis 25/01/2015

    When the counting of votes gets underway in Greece’s election on Sunday night, most eyes will be focused on election favourite Syriza’s tally to see if the leftist party stands a chance of gaining an overall majority in the new parliament.
  • What next Greece?

    Photo by MacroPolis 22/01/2015

    It is easier to write down big questions on Greece’s future; harder to answer them. One thing we can be sure about though. The scene is set for a political showdown, the likes of which the Euro-crisis has not yet seen.