Monday, 27 June 2016


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  • Coalition wants next review to be swift despite labour reform complications

    Photo by MacroPolis 22/06/2016

    The Greek government sought on Wednesday to allay fears about the next programme review being drawn out over a long period of time despite the fact that Athens seems prepared to stand its ground over some of the reforms being demanded by the institutions.
  • Athens hopes for timely boost from visits by EU officials

    Photo via @JunckerEU 21/06/2016

    The Greek government is hoping that visits to Athens on Tuesday by European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and European Stability Mechanism managing director will provide a timely boost ahead of the referendum in the UK on Thursday, with the outcome of the vote still in doubt.
  • Athens sweats on outcome of UK referendum

    Photo via Flickr 19/06/2016

    In line with other European capitals there is a growing concern in Athens about the possibility of Britons voting in favour of leaving the European Union in Thursday’s referendum.
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  • Greek economy braced for impact from Brexit, hopes effect will be limited


    The impact of the UK referendum on Greece will be rather small and limited, Bank of Greece (BoG) sources said on Friday after the majority of British voters backed “Leave,” raising questions about what effect this could have on the Greek economy in the months to come.
  • Pending pensions mount up, complicating fiscal effort

    Photo by MacroPolis 24/06/2016

    During the recent annual conference organised by the Confederation of Social Security Workers (POPOPK), its chairman provided an update on the key pension fund figures, which continue to demonstrate a bleak outlook for the Greek social security sector.
  • Study estimates tax evasion costs taxpayer up to 16 bln annually


    Tax evasion in Greece is estimated to range from 6 to 9 percent of GDP, involving tax losses from 11 to 16 billion a year – the equivalent of almost one third of public revenues – according to a new study conducted by Ernst and Young for the Athens-based think tank Dianeosis.
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  • Brexit leaves Greece dangling precariously


    British voters’ decision to head for the European Union’s exit door will test the EU like never before. Brexit has the potential to unleash not just a wave of consequences that will be damaging economically but also centrifugal political forces that will change the state of the Union forever.
  • Uncomfortable parallels: The Greek and British referendums

    Photo by MacroPolis 22/06/2016

    Despite the circumstances being dissimilar and the timeframe involved being substantially different, there are a lot of parallels between Greece’s referendum last July and the June 23 vote in the UK on European Union membership.
  • Brexit and Grexit – Britain’s referendum and Greece


    Greece is at the heart of the Brexit debate currently tearing Britain apart. There is open civil war in Europe’s longest-existing political party, the Conservatives, with nearly three centuries of government experience to their name. Political friends no longer talk to each other. Their wives hurl insults of treason at political parties.