Friday, 24 October 2014
Photo by MacroPolis


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  • Greek banks may soon breathe sigh of relief on capital needs

    Photo by MacroPolis 20/10/2014

    Greek banks are always at the forefront of domestic market developments. Despite the strong rebound of 6.4 percent on Friday, their shares still recorded cumulative losses of 7.8 percent last week and 23.9 percent over the past three months. Concerns about the outcome of the upcoming comprehensive assessment European Central Bank are one of the key factors weighing on investors’ minds.
  • Greek crisis redux? Not exactly

    Photo by Harry van Versendaal 17/10/2014

    This week's explosion of Greek bond spreads and collapse of stocks prompted many people to have a sense of déjà vu. Many editors and analysts jumped in to call the new turmoil a repeat of 2010, when the geometric growth of Greek sovereign bond yields almost brought Europe to its knees.
  • Managing an orderly Greek exit from the memorandum

    Photo by MacroPolis 16/10/2014

    The narrative of how and when to exit the memorandum is currently at the heart of the discussion in Athens. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras insists that Greece does not require a third financial support programme from the troika of international creditors.