Saturday, 5 September 2015


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  • Labour cost fall has not produced jobs, bemoans GSEE in study

    Photo by MacroPolis 25/08/2015

    The significant fall in labour costs since the onset of the crisis has not led to a corresponding fall in prices and a boost in employment and competitiveness, defying conventional theories of internal devaluation, according to Greece’s private sector trade union.
  • Economic situation biggest worry for Greeks, latest Eurobarometer shows

    Photo by MacroPolis 10/08/2015

    Greeks, along with the Portuguese, are the only peoples in the European Union who do not mention immigration as one of the three most important issues facing the bloc, according to the results of a biannual survey from the European Commission.
  • New Greek statistical mapping application launched


    Where in Greece are there proportionately more women than men? Which areas have the youngest populations? Which parts of the country have the most third-level graduates? Where are non-Greek populations concentrated?
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  • TINA politics and the Greek elections

    Photo by MacroPolis 03/09/2015

    Having struck a highly controversial agreement with Greece’s European creditors, former prime minister Alexis Tsipras is now confronted in real time with a fundamentally changing political landscape.
  • Election Watch: End of an era as Papandreous bow out of elections


    With his announcement that his Kinima (Movement) party will not contest the forthcoming elections “for financial reasons”, George Papandreou seems to be drawing a close on his family’s almost century-long involvement in Greek politics.
  • Tsipras and the binary opposition

    Photo by Myrto Papadopoulos [] 26/08/2015

    The morning after July’s referendum win was a bittersweet moment for Alexis Tsipras. It dawned on him that he had an overwhelming mandate not to accept new, onerous bailout terms but, at the same time, that he could not risk Greece’s position in the euro. Fulfilling both desires would require a gold medal-winning balancing act on the political high beam.