Thursday, 28 August 2014
Photo by MacroPolis


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  • The challenge in Greece: Funding an emerging economic recovery

    Photo by Myrto Papadopoulos [] 18/08/2014

    A fragile, uneven and weak recovery is gradually manifesting itself in the real economy of Greece. The recent data published by ELSTAT for the first two quarters of GDP performance in 2014 suggests that Greece is on course to register its first quarterly GDP level in positive territory in the third quarter this year.
  • The tarnished legacy that will haunt the Athens Olympics


    The Olympic Games only come around every four years but for enthusiasts there is at least an annual pastime to keep them busy: Each summer, like clockwork, photographs of disused Athens 2004 venues are published and articles assess those Olympics’ failing legacy.
  • The IMF crisis and how to solve it

    Photo via IMF photostream on Flickr [] 11/08/2014

    The IMF is approaching its 70th birthday and the Greek programme has been a candidate for one of the most credibility-sapping in its history. Here I trace the IMF’s role in programme from its stormy launch; its misfiring implementation; the Fund’s half-hearted apology; and ongoing efforts to draw lessons and revise its sovereign debt restructuring framework, which appear destined to deliver insufficient meaningful change. A transparency revolution is both necessary and feasible. It worked for central banks in the 1990s. Why not the Fund?