Tuesday, 26 May 2015
Photo by MacroPolis


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  • How Greek banks can balance on the collateral tightrope

    Photo by MacroPolis 18/05/2015

    The ongoing and troubled negotiations between Greece and its lenders, as well as the weekly meetings of the European Central Bank’s governing council mean that there is growing concern about the extent to which Greek banks will continue to be able to draw emergency liquidity to cover the outflow of deposits.
  • Alexis's choice

    Photo by Die Linke via Flickr https://flic.kr/p/mXQWWw 16/05/2015

    Alexis Tsipras seems to have chosen his path. Whether he will manage to reach the end of it is another matter, but the prime minister’s decision to shake up Greece’s negotiating team and to issue a common statement with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker last week made it clear that he prefers the option of agreeing with lenders rather than being left in limbo, or worse.
  • Where has the money withdrawn from Greek banks gone?

    Photo by MacroPolis 14/05/2015

    Since December, the Greek banking system has been suffering from extended deposit outflows, which reached 26.8 billion euros at the end of March. Almost 90 percent of these withdrawals stemmed from time deposits, while only around 600 million euros was taken from savings accounts.