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Photo by MacroPolis Latest Novartis clash signals deeper battle over role of judiciary

The Novartis affair has resurfaced to disrupt the relative calm in Greek party politics, with New Democracy accusing SYRIZA of trying to cover up its attempts to tarnish its political opponents with made-up corruption claims and the opposition claiming that the government is trying to pervert the course of justice.

Photo by Panayotis Tzamaros/Fosphotos Identity crisis in KINAL resurfaces as SYRIZA touts common ground

By: Georgia Nakou

Greece’s third party, KINAL (Movement for Change), is about to launch a nationwide consultation exercise in preparation for a national party conference in March, with topics ranging from the party’s progressive identity and the role of socialism, to Europe, the welfare state and the “green new deal”.

Results 1 to 10 out of 1539.