Tuesday, 28 June 2016


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  • Brexit leaves Greece dangling precariously


    British voters’ decision to head for the European Union’s exit door will test the EU like never before. Brexit has the potential to unleash not just a wave of consequences that will be damaging economically but also centrifugal political forces that will change the state of the Union forever.
  • Uncomfortable parallels: The Greek and British referendums

    Photo by MacroPolis 22/06/2016

    Despite the circumstances being dissimilar and the timeframe involved being substantially different, there are a lot of parallels between Greece’s referendum last July and the June 23 vote in the UK on European Union membership.
  • Brexit and Grexit – Britain’s referendum and Greece


    Greece is at the heart of the Brexit debate currently tearing Britain apart. There is open civil war in Europe’s longest-existing political party, the Conservatives, with nearly three centuries of government experience to their name. Political friends no longer talk to each other. Their wives hurl insults of treason at political parties.