Wednesday, 27 July 2016


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  • The cat is out of the bag: Europe's politics is a mess


    You are the outgoing British prime minister, responsible for calling a needless referendum whose result will – at best – lead to a painful realignment in your country’s relations with the rest of Europe and the wider world. What is your last action in Parliament?
  • Privatisations in Greece: A win-win that's difficult to achieve


    As the summer break draws closer, the political authorities in Athens, the quartet of creditors and international investors looking at Greece can take a brief time out to consider their options for the second half of 2016. The menu of policy challenges to be addressed in the coming months by Athens, Brussels, Frankfurt and Washington is considerable.
  • Fool Britannia

    Photo by Can Esenbel 06/07/2016

    A pointless referendum, a prime minister resigning, the opposition collapsing in a heap, the finance minister disappearing and nobody having any plan about what to do: This has all happened over the last few years in Greece. Never, though, all at the same time as has just occurred in the UK.