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    Mitsotakis urges EU to act after European Council stalemate

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    As expected, Thursday’s European Council did not lead to a decision on further extraordinary measures to support Europe’s struggling economies, leading to Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis taking to social media to express his reaction.

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    Greece braces for recession, hopes to bounce back from summer onwards


    The extent of the damage that could be inflicted on the Greek economy as a result of the coronavirus impact is becoming clearer by the day, with the Finance Ministry and leading investment houses now expecting Greece to slip into a recession again this year.

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    Deposits rise by 1.06 bln in Feb

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    Net deposit movements in the Greek banking system were positive by 1.06 billion euros in February, following outflows of 2.16 billion in January, Bank of Greece (BoG) figures revealed on Thursday.