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Photo by Gerasimos Domenikos/Fosphotos Tsipras tries to take lead in fire response amid picture of confusion

As the investigation into the Mati fire proceeds and more reports of the apparent mishandling of the crisis by authorities emerge, the government is hoping that its focus on tackling the aftermath of the disaster will spare it having to take on the full political cost.

Photo by Gerasimos Domenikos/Fosphotos Fire fallout casts doubt on Tsipras’s post-MoU strategy

There is speculation that political fallout from the wildfire in Mati, where the death toll is approaching 100, may affect Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s strategy for the last stretch of the current administration’s time in office.

Buckling under pressure of Mati death toll, Tsipras searches for corrective actions

Almost a week on from the wildfire northeast of Athens that caused the deaths of more than 90 people, the government is facing a major political battle due to the horrifying nature of the disaster, questions about how authorities handled the blaze, criticism from opposition parties and a breakdown of the coalition’s crisis management strategy.

Results 1 to 10 out of 988.