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Photo by Panayotis Tzamaros/Fosphotos SYRIZA and ND at odds over proposals for changing constitution

The proposals made by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras regarding the revision of Greece’s constitution have had their desired effect in the sense that the political debate, as well as considerable media attention, has shifted to SYRIZA’s suggestions.

Photo by MacroPolis Coalition indicates it will keep focus on corruption allegations

Following the attention given to the pre-trial detention last week of former Defence Minister Yiannos Papantoniou, the government is hoping that by turning the spotlight to more corruption allegations, it will be able to secure political gains.

Photo by Panayotis Tzamaros/Fosphotos Tsipras planning for life without Kammenos

The threats by Defence Minister Panos Kammenos to walk out of the coalition if the Prespes Agreement comes to Greek Parliament appear to have left Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras unperturbed and apparently confident that he can do without his governing partner.

Photo by Panayotis Tzamaros/Fosphotos Amid coalition bickering, Skopje vote lights up path to snap elections in Greece

Defence Minister Panos Kammenos has vowed to stick with the government until the Prespes Agreement, ratified by MPs in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on Friday night, comes to Greek Parliament, although his opposition to the deal means that the coalition is likely to face more turbulence.

Results 51 to 60 out of 1282.