Results 2641 to 2650 out of 2712.

Photo from http://topotami.gr/ To Potami's rise and Golden Dawn's strife shake things up for May vote

Just as it looked as if May’s European Parliament elections would be an antagonistic but relatively sterile battle between New Democracy and SYRIZA, with Golden Dawn a shoe-in for third place, journalist Stavros Theodorakis is threatening to upset this apparent balance.

Photo by MacroPolis Another party arrives on Greece's increasingly diffuse political scene

Journalist and TV presenter Stavros Theodorakis officially launched a new party on Tuesday. Rather than for its content, his muddled presentation was more notable because it heralded the arrival of yet another grouping on what has become a rather crowded Greek political scene.

Photo by Harry van Versendaal Troika returning to Greece but key decisions still months away

After weeks of back and forth, rumour and counter-rumour, it appears that the troika is due to return to Greece to bring its latest review of the adjustment program to a delayed conclusion. The completion of the review, though, is just one piece of the Greek jigsaw that has to fall into place over the coming months.

Goalposts shift as European elections near and SYRIZA cements lead

A look at recent opinion polls would tell you that the Greek government is under pressure going into the local and European Parliament elections in May but New Democracy and PASOK’s anxiety is also evident from the fact that the two parties are altering the rules ahead of the European vote in the hope they will reap the rewards.

Photo by Harry van Versendaal Supreme Court ruling casts doubt over property tax revenues

A Council of State ruling in January looks to have blown a 500-million-euro hole in the government’s fiscal plans. Now a Supreme Court verdict is threatening to create an even bigger shortfall in Greece’s public finances.

Preparations for local elections expose SYRIZA weakness

SYRIZA stole a march on its political opponents recently by naming its candidates for May’s local elections ahead of rival parties but the move is threatening to backfire due to controversy over some of the appointments.

Results 2641 to 2650 out of 2712.