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Image: https://www.syriza.gr/ Tsipras tries to keep spotlight on ND, talks up election chances

The pressure on the government over the Tempe train crash continues to mount as New Democracy faces a second widespread strike over the railway collision and SYRIZA tries to fend off its attempts to deflect some of the blame for the accident, which claimed 57 lives.

Photo by MacroPolis ND suffers ratings blow after train crash, hopes time is on its side

The first opinion poll since last week’s deadly train crash suggests that support for New Democracy has declined, raising questions about whether the ruling centre-right party can win an outright majority in the upcoming elections, even after being awarded a 50-seat bonus in a second vote.

Photo by MacroPolis PM forced to adjust line over deadly train crash amid public anger

In a sign that his government is coming under intense pressure over the Tempe train crash and that it did not calibrate its initial response to the tragedy correctly, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has apologised for the loss of life and the circumstances the collision occurred in.

Results 71 to 80 out of 2500.