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Photo by MacroPolis No deal at Eurogroup but also no clear way forward

As expected, Wednesday's Eurogroup failed to result in an agreement for Greece and the eurozone but the gap between the two sides was emphasised by the absence of a joint statement at the end of the meeting.

Greece prepares set of proposals for bridging deal with eurozone

One day after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s presented his government’s policy programme in Parliament, the Finance Ministry has been briefing journalists on what will be the four pillars of Greece’s proposal to the Eurogroup on Wednesday.

Photo by MacroPolis Tsipras sticks to pre-election pledges as eurozone negotiations loom

Despite expectations that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras would moderate his goals when announcing his government’s policy programme in Parliament on Sunday, the Greek leader’s stuck almost rigidly to his pre-election pledges, many of which run counter to the policies that the country’s lenders would like to see.

Results 2191 to 2200 out of 2436.