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Photo by MacroPolis EC warns budget not on track due to handouts, advises against further underspend

Greece’s official creditors have recently expressed at various levels their concerns about whether the country will be able to meet its fiscal commitments after adopting a new batch of expansionary measures last month, so it was no surprise that this issue was explored extensively in the latest post-programme surveillance report published by the European Commission.

Photo by MacroPolis Payment plans for overdue debts launched as Athens looks for revenue boost

There appears to have been keen interest in the schemes launched this week allowing taxpayers to settle their unpaid taxes and social security contributions in up to 120 instalments, possibly boosting the government’s efforts to convince the institutions that Greece will be able to meet its fiscal targets this year.

Photo via IMF photostream on Flickr [] IMF highlights bailout shortcomings in latest admission of programme errors

A new internal evaluation document published by the International Monetary Fund on Monday can be added to the existing material that has been released by the IMF on Greece outlining what a formidable task the country faced in 2010 when it signed the first programme with the eurozone and the Washington-based organisation.

Results 41 to 50 out of 510.