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Settling rising private debt? The IMF has some ideas

The settlement of Greece’s unpaid private debt, estimated at 160 billion euros or 88 percent of GDP, has recently emerged as an important issue in the discussions between the Greek government with the troika.

Parliament's budget office sees Greek recovery finely poised

In its latest quarterly report published on Monday, the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) argues that the Greek economy could grow by more than expected this year but that a series of concerns, including bank stress tests, unpaid taxes, lack of structural reforms and stagnant exports could yet weigh on the recovery.

Photo by MacroPolis Stress mounts ahead of ECB's tests on Greek banks

A report over the weekend suggests that the Greek government has expressed concerns to its eurozone partners and the European Central Bank about the imminent stress tests on local banks.

Results 3211 to 3220 out of 3482.