Results 2691 to 2700 out of 2790.

Photo by MacroPolis Historic victory for SYRIZA in EU vote unlikely to dislodge Greek coalition

SYRIZA secured a clear and historic win in Sunday’s European Parliament elections in Greece but its failure to improve on its share of the vote from the 2012 general elections and a slightly better than expected showing from the PASOK-led Elia (Olive Tree) alliance means that the victory is unlikely to be enough to force an immediate national vote.

Bookies see clear win for SYRIZA in EU elections but not in local vote

Following the first round of local elections in Greece on May 18, betting companies have not made any material revisions to their odds for the winning party in the European Parliament (EP) elections on Sunday. They have, though, adjusted odds for the winners of local elections.

Photo by MacroPolis What kind of poll win does SYRIZA need to eye snap elections?

There will be a number of results to look out for in Greece’s elections on Sunday: Will SYRIZA win any of the key cities or regions? Will independents reign over party nominees? Will New Democracy prevail in the regional vote? But the result that will dominate proceedings will be who wins the European Parliament elections and by how much.

Results 2691 to 2700 out of 2790.