Results 91 to 100 out of 2598.

ND confident in migration stance as polls point to decisive victory on June 25

The debate around migration, which has been sparked by the tragedy off the coast of the Peloponnese is not causing any political concern for New Democracy ahead of next Sunday’s elections as the centre-right party believes it has strong public backing for its “tough but fair” stance on the issue.

Photo by MacroPolis Rise of small parties creates pre- and post-election complications

Although opinion polls suggest that Kyriakos Mitsotakis does not have much to worry about as far as clinching a parliamentary majority on June 25 is concerned, a survey published on Tuesday indicates that as many as eight parties could elect MPs, reducing the size of New Democracy’s advantage but also suggesting that post-election politics could be more turbulent than the centre-right leader would have hoped.

Image: https://twitter.com/kmitsotakis ND moves to squeeze votes out of fringe parties, aided by infighting

New Democracy’s lead going into repeat elections in June appears unassailable, but the party is determined not to leave anything to chance. Rumbles of discontent among smaller parties could well redistribute the vote in a way which further strengthens the leaders in the race.

Image: https://www.syriza.gr/ SYRIZA attempts election reboot through new manifesto

In an attempt to reboot its election drive, SYRIZA presented its revised manifesto to voters on Wednesday, which was immediately dismissed by New Democracy as lacking any useful ideas about how to grow the Greek economy.

Results 91 to 100 out of 2598.