Results 11 to 20 out of 1928.

Photo by MacroPolis Launch of new insolvency process may carry political significance

All eyes in Athens were on the visit of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Monday, but on the domestic front the Greek authorities are preparing for the implementation from Tuesday of the new insolvency framework, which includes an end to the protection of primary residences for most households.

PM riles SYRIZA with remarks on EU anniversary

Greece marked on Thursday the 40th anniversary of its accession to what was then the European Economic Community, but remarks made in the presence of EU dignitaries by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis have sparked a domestic political row.

PM hails Covid certificate but concerns mount in tourism sector

The government continues to pin its hopes for a tourism recovery over the summer on the EU Digital Covid Certificate, which was approved by European leaders this week, but Greek hoteliers appear increasingly anxious that visitor numbers will remain relatively low over the months ahead.

SYRIZA hunts for youthful narrative as polls remain stubbornly negative

As anxiety over the outcome of the pandemic grows and dissatisfaction with some of New Democracy’s flagship policies begins to emerge, the failure of opposition SYRIZA to capture any ground has intensified pressure on its leadership to develop a new recipe more appealing to voters.

Results 11 to 20 out of 1928.