In ancient Athens, the agora was the central location where citizens gathered to hear news, discuss and, later, trade. The agora was the heart of the city’s political, cultural and spiritual life and it gave birth to the Greek word for speaking in public: ἀγορεύω (agorevo). It is this spirit we hope to channel in this section of the website.

Here, the Agora is a public forum for discussing events that are unfolding in Greece and beyond. Contributors to Macropolis, as well as guest posters, share their views on political, economic and other matters, while also offering readers the opportunity to express their opinions. As always, those who fail to respect the sanctity of this forum will not be allowed to share in its benefits.

Posts on November 2014

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The institutional weakness poisoning Greek politics

It appears that the leader of ultra-nationalist LAOS, Giorgos Karatzaferis, will stand trial in connection to kickbacks he allegedly received as part of a deal signed to supply Greece with Super Puma helicopters. While this week's developments provide some hope that those guilty of corruption (time will tell if Karatzaferis is one of them) will be brought to justice, they also highlight the inability of Greek institutions to fulfil their role as guardians of fairness and democracy.

Contributor: Nick Malkoutzis

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Photo by MacroPolis Is there (sustainable) growth in Greece?

Greece finally exited its six-year long recession in the third quarter of 2014. The Hellenic Statistical Authority ELSTAT said that the economy grew by 0.7 percent in the third quarter (compared to the same quarter in 2013). The positive third quarter reading is the first after 24 consecutive quarters of negative GDP performance dating back to Q3 2008.

Contributor: Jens Bastian

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Results 1 to 5 out of 7.