In ancient Athens, the agora was the central location where citizens gathered to hear news, discuss and, later, trade. The agora was the heart of the city’s political, cultural and spiritual life and it gave birth to the Greek word for speaking in public: ἀγορεύω (agorevo). It is this spirit we hope to channel in this section of the website.

Here, the Agora is a public forum for discussing events that are unfolding in Greece and beyond. Contributors to Macropolis, as well as guest posters, share their views on political, economic and other matters, while also offering readers the opportunity to express their opinions. As always, those who fail to respect the sanctity of this forum will not be allowed to share in its benefits.

Posts on February 2015

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Photo by MacroPolis You've heard the Greek crisis myths, now here are some truths

There are certain truths about the Greek crisis. The main one is that Greece got itself into an utter mess by 2009. This came about as a result of two serious errors. Firstly, at a political and societal level there was an underestimation of the economic rigours of sharing a hard currency with more competitive and open economies, such as Germany and the Netherlands.

Contributors: Nick Malkoutzis, Yiannis Mouzakis

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Photo by MacroPolis Everybody be cool

It’s less than three weeks since the Greek government was elected and its Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has just taken part in his first Eurogroup – an experience that some of his predecessors have described as traumatic. Yet, a surprisingly large number of people appear convinced that Greece is heading for a showdown with the eurozone and may be counting its last weeks in the single currency.

Contributor: Yiannis Mouzakis

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What we've got here is a failure to communicate

Following a chaotic beginning to its first days in office, the SYRIZA-led coalition is beginning to settle into a more stable pattern in terms of its relationship with the eurozone. Those first, faltering steps have left a blot in the government’s copybook that it will be hard to erase over the coming days and weeks.

Contributor: Nick Malkoutzis

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Results 1 to 5 out of 8.