Greek Politics

Results 101 to 110 out of 2192.

Leaders gear up for debate as ND maintains opinion poll lead

The leaders of Greece’s parliamentary parties are preparing for the only televised debate that will take place before the May 21 elections, which New Democracy is still on course to win and, at least, prevent the opposition from being able to form the next government.

Image: MacroPolis Tsipras appeals to PASOK over coalition, but ND appears to be in driving seat

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras is stepping up his appeals to PASOK over a potential governing coalition, but opinion polls are suggesting that it is increasingly unlikely the left-wing party will be in a position to lead a majority government and that, instead, New Democracy is on course to return to power in one form or another.

Results 101 to 110 out of 2192.