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Photo by MacroPolis Recent steady rise in refugee arrivals pose extra challenge for Greece

The Greek government labelled as “unsubstantiated” claims that it is about to accept refugees from Germany on Crete, a move that would be incompatible with concerns in Athens that the small but steady rise in migrant arrivals over the last few weeks being the pre-cursor of bigger challenges.

Greece sets up working group to monitor implications of Brexit

The Greek Foreign Ministry has decided to monitor closely European developments linked to the result of the UK referendum so Athens can be prepared for the developments leading up to, and following, the UK’s possible departure from the EU.

Photo via Flickr https://flic.kr/p/r7FCCf Coalition seeks to quash concerns about complications with Hellenikon development

Reports that the Culture Ministry has launched a bid to categorise almost the entire area of the former Athens airport, known as Hellenikon, as an archaeological site, a move that could jeopardise the bid to redevelop the largely abandoned space, appear to have highlighted SYRIZA’s unpredictably, although the government insists that the impact of the move has been exaggerated.

Photo by MacroPolis Political leaders weigh up next moves in August lull

As legislative activity dies down for August, and before the commotion that will undoubtedly accompany the next bailout review in the autumn, leaders’ moves on the domestic political chessboard are attracting attention.

Results 1981 to 1990 out of 2646.