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Poor conditions in Greece fail to deter refugees from wanting to continue journey

Just over half of the refugees who found themselves stuck in Greece last month due to the closure of the northern border would remain in a reception centre until the borders open even though 71.4 percent are not satisfied with their current living conditions, a detailed survey of over 600 refugees in four camps has found.

Photo by MacroPolis Wages, full-time employment feel deep impact of crisis, report shows

A large section of Greek society has experienced rapid impoverishment due to the crisis, labour market deregulation, the decline in collective wage agreements and wage cuts, the annual report from the research wing of the country’s biggest trade union federation has found.

Photo by MacroPolis Greek teenagers' behaviour charted

Of the one in four Greeks teenagers aged 15 who say they have had sexual intercourse, most say they or their partners used condoms or other contraceptives on the last occasion, a survey on adolescent friendships and activities has found.

Photo by MacroPolis Greeks’ mutual mistrust eases, survey indicates

While the percentage of Greeks who say they trust most people has increased in recent years, Greeks remain generally distrustful of those not linked to them by bonds of family or friendship, a new survey on social capital has found.

Greek regions perform poorly in social progress index

Ranking 257 out of the 272 regions in the EU, the Peloponnese region is among the weakest in terms of what it offers citizens in terms of basic human needs, wellbeing and opportunity, according to the draft of the first European Social Progress Index (SPI).

Photo by Myrto Papadopoulos [] Mapping the views of the Greeks

Greeks are now split into two distinct, but not equivalent, camps as regards their stance towards their country’s involvement with the EU, a divide that the researchers involved in a new, wide-ranging opinion poll have described as a contemporary “national schism”.

Greece ranks 43rd in impact on global innovation

Greece is an “innovation follower”, meaning it does not contribute to innovation globally but, at the same time, does not actively detract from it either, a report that assesses the economic and trade policies of 56 countries.

More than half of Greek households rely mainly on pensions

The main source of income for just over half of Greek households is still a pension, while just over 37 percent mainly rely on wages, the annual survey on income and household expenditure from the country’s largest small- and medium business association has found.

Results 171 to 180 out of 279.