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Six in 10 Greeks earn less than average salary of €1,022 in private sector

He or she is aged between 30 and 44, works full-time in a business run by a sole proprietor and grosses less than the average salary in the private sector. These are the general characteristics of a typical employee in Greece in 2014, according to figures presented by the Labour Ministry this week.

Photo by MacroPolis Greeks losing faith in dialogue with Turkey, poll indicates

The percentage of Greeks who believe that the bilateral issues between Greece and Turkey can be solved through dialogue has declined significantly to reach its lowest level since 2003, according to a new survey that also shows that support for the idea that Greece and Cypriot share common interests remains stable.

Photo by MacroPolis Households unable to provide proper daily meal to children increases in 2012

In 2012, just over one in five (22.3%) parents or guardians living in poor households in Greece said they were unable to provide a proper daily meal (consisting of meat, chicken, fish or vegetarian alternative) to the children in their care, according to official figures published this week.

Photo by MacroPolis Wealth in Greece plunged by 170 bln since 2007, report finds

The inaugural Julius Baer (JB) Wealth Report published this week showed that European wealth exceeded its pre-crisis peak in 2013 reaching a new all-time high of 56 trillion, up 1.7 percent year on year, but that it had fallen by more than a fifth in Greece over the last seven years

Results 221 to 230 out of 276.