Tales From the Region #3


The founders of the European Project dreamed of a united Europe: a continent of peace, solidarity and common prosperity. Europe without borders and divisions and diverse population. A Europe that will be "stronger together". Do Europeans today cherish this dream? What are their views at a time when the European dream is just an illusion for some countries? Euroscepticism is gaining momentum, aided by Britain's departure from the EU. Ultra-nationalist movements are emerging in many countries. What does all this mean for the future of the Union, in a time of enormous challenges that require greater and joint cooperation (climate change, migration), not discord?

While debating the future of Europe, the Tales from the Region initiative is particularly timely. Democracy works best when diverse voices are heard. This initiative shares the voice of people from countries that are already members of the Union as well as from countries that are on the "waiting list” for years, with no end in sight.

In the current conditions of economic and health uncertainty, the citizens of Europe are yearning for something sensible that they place their hopes on; a vision for the future that takes into account their concerns, lifestyles and values. The European dream, guided by the founding principles of the EU - democracy, inclusion, economic liberalism - can still fill that void. But this vision can only be realized if European leaders truly understand that without a plan for the future, there can be no way out of the uncertainty of the present. Through this initiative, we aim to provide food for thought to those who would devise the European future.

The third edition of Tales from the Region is implemented by Res Publica from North Macedonia, in partnership with Macropolis, IDM (Albania), Lupiga (Croatia), Sbunker (Kosovo), Ne Davimo Beograd (Serbia), Analiziraj (Bosnia and Herzegovina), PcNen (Montenegro), SEGA (Bulgaria) and HAD (Slovenia).

The Tales from the Region initiative is implemented by the Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) within the project "Connecting the Dots: Improved Policies through Civic Engagement", with the support of the British Embassy Skopje.

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