Podcast - Greece's year of trying to shake off Covid-19

Agora Contributor: Agora Podcast

Greece has been grappling with the coronavirus for just over a year, sometimes with success but other times less convincingly.

As Greece went past 10,000 Covid-related deaths and prepares to reach 3 million vaccinations this week, The Agora looks back at what's gone right and wrong since Covid-19 first emerged.

Nick Malkoutzis speaks to MacroPolis co-founder Yiannis Mouzakis and features editor Georgia Nakou about the policies adopted since last year to combat the pandemic, but also why Greece is coming out of lockdown now and how the vaccination scheme is going.

Phoebe Fronista spends time with health correspondent Maria-Niki Georganta to discuss what stood out from Greece's experience with the virus.

Phoebe also speaks to Dr Mata Tsikrika, the first woman to be elected president of Greece's pulmonologists, who works at a Covid hospital in Athens. They talk about what life has been like for Greek frontline workers since last year and the excruciating decisions faced by doctors and nurses.

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