Podcast - Greek elections: A marathon, not a sprint

Agora Contributor: Agora Podcast

Greece is holding general elections on Sunday, May 21. The vote lacks the drama of previous elections, when the country’s fate was on the line amid a devastating economic crisis, but it could still end up being a rather complicated process.

The Agora returns to look at the key issues going into this ballot, who the main players are, what the parties are promising, how the vote might turn out and why Greece could need a second vote, if not a third as well, to elect a workable government this summer.

Hosts Nick Malkoutzis and Phoebe Fronista are joined by Angelos Seriatos, head of political & social research at Greek polling firm ProRata, and MacroPolis co-founder Yiannis Mouzakis and our features editor Georgia Nakou to discuss all these issues.

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