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Photo by MacroPolis
Photo by MacroPolis

Dear readers,

MacroPolis began its efforts in 2013 with the aim of providing context on significant economic and political developments in Greece. We have interpreted your growing interest since then as a sign that our project has responded successfully to the need for quality independent analysis. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your backing.

In our ongoing efforts to continue broadening and deepening our analysis we have recently added weekly coverage of foreign policy and the Greek stock exchange. We aim to keep adding to our service in the near future and will keep you informed of any extra features we roll out.

Based on our assessment of readers’ interests and the constructive feedback we received since we launched our subscription service eight months ago, we have made some changes to our commercial policy.

We have created three packages we believe will suit the full range of readers’ needs:

  • Free Access: Four articles/month from the Politics, Economy and Society sections at no charge

  • Standard Access: Full range of analysis and data for an annual fee of €450

  • Full Access: Regular and direct access to our analysts as well as all our material

MacroPolis can now also offer discounted packages for IP-based or multi-user access designed to meet the requirements of firms, institutions, universities and libraries.

More information about all these packages can be found here. We are always at your disposal for any clarification, suggestion or comment.

Those who have already subscribed to our service will not be affected by the latest changes.

Thanks again for supporting MacroPolis.

Nick Malkoutzis

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