The year that Greece (nearly) saw it all

Photo by Jan Wellman via Flickr
Photo by Jan Wellman via Flickr

Since the Greek crisis began, the action has hardly stopped. But even by its standards, Greece managed to produce an inconceivable amount of news, speculation and uncertainty in 2015. It was the year in which Greeks went to the polls three times and were told they were on the verge of leaving the eurozone many more.

They saw SYRIZA come to power from virtually nowhere a few years earlier. Negotiations with the eurozone took on a much more confrontational tone than ever before, resulting in banks being closed for five weeks and capital controls being imposed for the foreseeable future. A weak economic recovery was stubbed out and the familiar sight of a shrinking economy returned.

This year has been full of contradictions for Greece: Yanis Varoufakis became a global household celebrity but a figure of hate for many of his eurozone counterparts, Greeks overwhelmingly voted against the terms of a third bailout in a snap referendum but the government agreed to even tougher ones a few days later and, having been elected on the promise not to implement further austerity, Alexis Tsipras was reelected in September to do just the opposite.

MacroPolis has been present throughout this constant barrage of developments, keeping our cool and providing independent analysis of events and the vital economic data needed to get a full picture of what is going on in Greece. In these testing circumstances, we have strived to filter out the noise and give balanced insight. Our growing number of readers and subscribers suggests that we are getting it right.

We would like to thank all of you for trusting MacroPolis as your source of analysis on Greece and hope that 2016 will prove a healthy and productive year for all. In the meantime, you will find below links to the three most popular articles we wrote this year in each section of the site, starting with those in our free blog, The Agora. Happy reminiscing.

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  • Posted by: Mads Henrik Højgaard

    A treasure of facts and news analysis, always with a balanced and independent approach rarely seen in the international media coverage of Greece.
    Thank you Nick and the whole group of co-contributors - and a Happy and propsperous New Year to you as well as to the people of Greece!

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  • Posted by: Camilla Markvardsen, DR

    Thank you, Nick, for the best English language source to background knowledge on Greece!
    Happy New Year!

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