In ancient Athens, the agora was where citizens gathered to hear news, discuss and, later, trade. The agora was the heart of the city’s political, cultural and spiritual life. It is this spirit we hope to channel in this section of the website. Here, the Agora is a public forum for discussing events unfolding in Greece and beyond.

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Posts on April 2018

Which way to the exit?

Kastelorizo had a distinguished guest last week, when Alexis Tsipras became the first prime minister to visit the remote and picturesque Greek island since George Papandreou announced from the same spot almost eight years earlier that he had formally requested the activation of the ad hoc support mechanism the eurozone put together for Greece.

Contributor: Yiannis Mouzakis

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Photo by Gage Skidmore Collateral damage in Europe?

Like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck, EU member states and candidate countries aspiring to join the club in Brussels are watching with growing trepidation the escalating trade conflict between the United States and China. For many countries in Europe the two feuding states are among their largest trading partners after the EU.

Contributor: Jens Bastian

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