Episode 6 - Greece's rugged media landscape

Agora Contributor: Agora Podcast

In this episode of The Agora podcast, we're taking a closer look at the Greek media landscape. We'll be asking why the public has little trust in the country's media and examining what difficulties a local independent outlet faces as it tries to upset the established pattern of news coverage.

Our producer, Phoebe Fronista, speaks to MacroPolis features writer Georgia Nakou regarding the controversial 20-million-euro package provided by the Greek government to a variety of media outlets as part of the coronavirus campaign.

She also catches up with Dimitris Xenakis, the co-founder of Inside Story – a subscription-based investigative and long form journalism site in Athens - to get an idea of the obstacles his organisation has to overcome.

Our host, Nick Malkoutzis, has a discussion with Antonis Kalogeropoulos, a Communication and Media Lecturer at the University of Liverpool. Antonis was a research partner for annual Digital News Report published by the Reuters Institute in July. The report suggests that just 28 percent of Greeks trust most news most of the time, which was one of the lowest figures among the 40 countries surveyed.

In this podcast series, we're keeping alive the spirt of our long-running blog section, The Agora, which has been a forum for discussing all kinds of issues over a number of years.

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