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Photo by MacroPolis
Photo by MacroPolis

MacroPolis was launched on September 24th, 2013 with the aim of providing real insight through timely, accurate and independent analysis of the key political, economic and social developments in Greece.

Over the last twelve months MacroPolis has covered all the significant economic and financial events, such as Greece's first ever current account surplus, the 2013 primary fiscal surplus, the country’s return to bond markets and Greek banks’ capital increases.

We provided analysis on regular macroeconomic developments and statistical releases, while highlighting the continuing challenges faced by the Greek economy.

On the political front, MacroPolis offered balanced insight into the crucial European and local elections. We have traced the governing coalition’s challenges and SYRIZA’s growing influence, while also assessing the opposition party’s weaknesses. We have kept track of the evolution of the centre-left and the fallout from the arrest of Golden Dawn’s leadership.

Our team has been at the forefront of outlining the social impact of the crisis and how this is shaping opinions and attitudes in Greece today.

MacroPolis has served as a trusted reference point for a number of media outlets and has been quoted numerous times by international broadcasters such as BBC and CNN, as well as national media in several countries.

Since launching, we have:

  • Published more than 1,500 articles

  • Hosted just under 100 opinion pieces from more than a dozen experts in The Agora

  • Attracted nearly 50,000 unique visitors

  • Regularly updated close to 200 key macroeconomic indicators in chart format

  • Systematically covered over 30 macroeconomic events through statistical releases

  • Established a strong presence on social media, also attracting close to 2,000 followers on Twitter

Thanks to the ever stronger support from our readership MacroPolis has been growing steadily and is now ready to move to the next phase. This means investing more time and effort to provide deeper and broader analysis, while retaining our independence and impartiality.

As of October 1st , MacroPolis will become a subscription-based service. Instead of seeking revenue from advertising or other sources, we believe that receiving readers’ votes of confidence is the best and only truly viable way for us to keep improving our service.

Details of our various subscription packages will be published shortly.

For a reasonable fee, subscribers will have access to:

  • Daily articles from our politics, economy and society sections, with more areas of analysis to be added

  • The statistics, charts and documents sections

  • A weekly e-newsletter reviewing the week's main events, sent via e-mail or to mobile devices through our free app

  • Flash analysis of significant breaking developments

  • A daily bulletin with a rundown of the events we have covered in the last 24 hours

  • Also, a premium package providing tailor-made services to subscribers, which will be rolled out in 2015

Over the last year we have been cutting through the noise to provide the essential intelligence readers need. By taking the next step in our development we will do even more to put Greece in perspective.

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